The Academy of Law Management of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

Research activity

The concept of development of the Penal system of the Russian Federation until 2020 among the primary goals of reforming this system determines the task of increasing the role of higher schools of the Federal Penal Service of Russia in the sphere of development of scientific applied research, implementation of the new forms of work with condemned, application of the progressive foreign experience.

The main purpose of the scientific research work in the Academy is the provision of training of qualified specialists, scientific and pedagogical personnel, the effective implementation of the scientific educational potential of higher school for harmonious development of the Penal Service.

Taking into account the specialization of the Academy it performs the development of 7 scientific directions concerning the activity of the penal service:

  1. Social-legal institualisation of the penal system.
  2. The research of the regulatory issues of the activity of the Federal penal service of Russia.
  3. The research of the management problems in the Federal penal service of Russia.
  4. The organization enhancement of the accounting and the taxation of the budget and off-budget activity of the Federal penal service of Russia.
  5. The research of pedagogical and psychological problems of the Russian Federal penal service activity.
  6. The research of criminal and criminological problems of general and penal criminality.
  7. The comparative research in the penitentiary sphere of Russia and foreign countries.

According to its scientific potential the Academy's personnel can carry out the assigned tasks and conduct fundamental and applied scientific research at a high level. 51 doctors of sciences, professors, more than 250 candidates of science, 120 senior lecturers, 11 honoured workers of the higher school of the Russian Federation, 4 members and member-correspondents of the state academies are engaged in the research work.

The basic requirements to the research activity of the Academy are: high scientific level, the urgency, integrity and specialization of research, its practical orientation and close connection with educational process.

The research work at the Academy is performed on the basis of close cooperation with scientific research and educational institutions of the Federal penal service of Russia, the Federal penal authorities of Russia, penal bodies and organizations, scientific and educational institutions of other ministries and departments, educational institutions and penal bodies of foreign penal systems by means of joint work on scientific problems, coordination of scientific research, the conclusion of agreements on creative cooperation, carrying out of scientific conferences, seminars and meetings, and exchanging of research experience.

The results of the conducted scientific research (including dissertations) are implemented in educational process and practical activities, and also in the form of scientific and teaching materials (textbooks, monographies, manuals, collections of proceedings, scientific analytical reviews, articles), materials for practical organs (offers for amendments to the legislation, standard acts, methodical and practical recommendations, statutes, techniques etc.). 

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