Dmitriy Haryushin  

Deputy chief for academic Affairs,
Colonel of Internal Service,
PhD in Law, Associate Professor

Telephone: +7 (4912) 93-82-41 

Organizes and coordinates the work of the academy departments and divisions in the sphere of teaching and methodical support development. Organizes the work for the accreditation and licensing procedures. Has overall responsibility for innovation in teaching and learning, all practical training arrangements, particularly at the premises of the practical training center, the armament training base, at workplaces.

Coordinates and controls the activities of the following structural divisions:

Law Department; Economics Department; Psychology Department; Management Department; Senior Staff Development Department (‘Higher Academic Courses’); Professional Development Department; Department for Postgraduate Study and Research (within the delegated authority framework); Academic Office; State and Municipal Employees Training Institute; library; Office for Organizing Inter-University Instructional Activities; Division of Information Technology, Academic Quality Assurance Group. 


Grigory Scherbakov

Deputy chief for Scientific Affairs,
Colonel of Internal Service,
PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor 

Telephone: +7 (4912) 93-82-59

Organizes the work on research and publishing planning of the academy, personnel training, development of the international cooperation of the academy in the field of higher, postgraduate and additional professional education, scientific, educational and other activities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and international treaties.

Coordinates and controls the activities of the following structural units: Scientific Centre (Research Division and the Department of international cooperation and science); Department for Postgraduate Study and Research; Editorial and Publishing Department; Academic Secretary; Special Course (within the delegated authority framework).


Deputy chief for Academic Work with Personnel,

     Telephone: +7 (4912) 27-21-18

Organizes the work of structural divisions of the Academy on the issues of planning and social legal safety, education of workers, correspondence students, cadets and students of the Academy, legal support, maintaining of law and order, prevention of crimes, including corruption and extremism, and violations of discipline among personnel.

Provides a direct coordination and supervision of departments, sub-departments, divisions and offices, training of combat units in terms of organization of educational work with personnel.

Coordinates and controls the activities of the following structural units: Department on work with personnel (office on the organization of work on corruption control and personnel inspection, press); Personnel Department; Department of psychological maintenance of teaching and educational work; Training and Combat units; the Veterans Committee, Trade Union Committee. Personally responsible for work and updating the website of the academy, represents the academy in the mass media.

Oleg Solovkin

Temporary Acting Provisional Deputy chief for Logistic Support, 
Colonel of Internal Service
PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Telephone: +7 (4912) 27-22-02

Organizes prospective and current work planning on the development and improvement of teaching and material-technical base of the Academy. Organizes work on improvement of the living conditions of personnel, cadets and correspondence students, providing clothing and food supplies. Coordinates and controls the activities of the following structural units: Department of logistics; Department for goods delivery; Building Department; Fire-fighting Service.


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