The Academy of Law Management of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

Material Recourses

Now the academy has 6 educational buildings equipped with the necessary equipment with a total area 47 220 m2, including the educational-laboratory area - 37 497 m2, hostels - 4 888 m2, public catering points - 3 044 m2, gyms and other sports constructions - 1 306 m2, a country educational centre - 57 hectares, a shooting-range - 6,47 hectares. There is the educational-laboratory area (12,7 m2 ) for one full-time student.

For realisation of educational process at the academy there are 17 lecture halls, 87 educational audiences, 24 educational-methodical offices, 19 computer classes (including 2 language laboratories, the situational centre, the centre of distance training and testing), 5 laboratories, an educational-criminalistics complex, a court-room of court sessions, 4 gyms, 2 shooting galleries, open athletic grounds, a class-room of automobile training, a centre of practical training, a general library with 4 reading rooms, a confidential library, an assembly hall, a country educational centre. There are also a hostel for 480 places, dining rooms for a variable and constant personnel, a medical service with a hospital and other premises.

At the academy with a view of strengthening of a practical orientation of educational process, creation of conditions for the maximum approach of educational process to real conditions of operatively-official activity of workers of penal system educational workplaces are created. In educational process the situational centre and 16 educational workplaces, including 6 - in the centre of practical training on the basis of Criminal Federal Penal Services of Russia and of the Ryazan region, a training ground for working out the tasks approached to real situations in places of imprisonment, a fighting-shooting complex are used.

Educational-methodical and information support conforms to requirements of federal state educational standards of the higher vocational training. The work of development of the information-educational environment of a higher educational establishmen, its material equipment is conducted.

The book fund of the general library has over 390 thousand copies. On the basis of АИБС by "MARK SQL" the local network with access to the all-Russian educational Internet resources and electronic reading rooms acts, the electronic catalogue is created. The fund of the confidential library constitutes 61 799 copies. The academy videoshop contains more than 500 educational films. The academy has 950 units of computer technics connected to a global network of the Internet, including 16 computer classes, 2 language laboratories, a computer class in the situational centre, there are 3 information portals and 3 zones of access Wi-Fi. 

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