The Academy of Law Management of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

The Institute of State and Municipal Officers' Training Of the Academy of Law and Management of the Federal Penal Service

The Institute is the structural subdivision of the academy. At present about 2000 students are taught at the institute. There are 3 directions of training: 030900- Jurisprudence(baccalaureate and magistrates), 080100- Economics, 080200- Management and still being in realization 6 specialities of the law, economics and psychology directions. Also there exist post-graduate courses and teaching in the form of competitors for defending theses for doctors' and candidates' degree on 8 specialities.

In the structure of the Institute operates the special course for students of foreign states in conformity with the contracts with the governments of these countries: The students-officials of the penitentiary service of the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic and the students who were sent for training by the centre of International programs of the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan.

The Institute closely co-operates with different organizations and enterprises of the town while offering practical training of the students; the Administration of the federal Service of state registration, the cadastre and cartography in Ryazan region; the Administration of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation on drug circulation control in Ryazan region; the Administration of the Judicial Department within the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in Ryazan region; the Administration of the Federal Taxation Service in the Ryazan region; the Procurator's office of the Ryazan region; the Advocate's Chamber of the Ryazan region; the Federal Penal service of the Ryazan region; the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ryazan region; the Government of the Ryazan region and others.

The students are provided with the information system and the system of library, which contains different publications of training aids and other types of literature on main disciplines of the studies; have the opportunity to enter the global system "Internet, law servers, which have reference law systems "Consultant plus Technology 3000".

To provide the research work the Institute offers an access to the electronic reading rooms: the electronic hall of theses of the Russian State library; Inter-academic virtual reading-room MGJA by Kutafin- the Academy of Law and Management of the Federal Penal Service of the Russian Federation; the electronic reading-room of the Presidential Library by Eltzin.

The Institute takes part in the program "Russian intellectual resources" which is organized by the Committee on youth affairs, providing the basis for the best graduates, who have shown their worth in science, creative work, sport and social activities, to promote them among the employers.

The students who were a success in their research work can be recommended to enter pos-graduate courses.

Within the frames of the modernization of Higher professional education, envisaging further development fo9r the Russian education to become a part of the European educational area, the training on a commercial basis will be carried out on the following directions:

  • 030900.62- Jurisprudence (baccalaureate) (full-time and correspondence forms of study). Profiles: "Criminal Law", "Civil Law".
  • 030900.68- Jurisprudence (magistrates) (full-time form of study). Profiles: "Criminal law, Criminology, Penal law", "Civil law, family law, International Private law".
  • 080100.62- Economics (baccalaureate) (full-time and correspondence forms of study). Profile: "Accounting, analisis and audit". 
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