The Academy of Law Management of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

Educational Process  

Educational process at the academy is based on the federal state educational standards of the higher professional education in directions of preparation (specialities), determined by the Government of the Russian Federation, and also on the approximate educational programs developed by the Federal Penal Service, curricula and the programs developed by the academy.

The academy is provided by the limitless licence giving the right of conducting educational activity on educational programs.

The academy has the certificate on the state accreditation, period of validity - till April, 4th, 2021.

The academy organizes educational process, chooses forms, methods and means of training, creates necessary conditions for mastering of professional educational programs, selects the system of marks, a form, an order and periodicity of intermediate certification of the trained. 

At the academy 3856 persons are trained on the higher education programs. 2078 persons (1329 cadets, 749 students studying on the commercial base) are trained in full-time instruction. 1778 persons (1135 students, 643 students studying on the commercial base) are trained by correspondence.

There is a special course for preparation of students of the foreign states at the academy. 82 persons (students-employees of the Penal Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic and the students directed on training by the Center of the International programs of the Ministry of Education of Republic Tajikistan) are trained.

Under programs of the postgraduate professional education 56 post graduates are trained in full-time instruction, 63 post graduates are trained by correspondence.

Under the programs of additional professional education annually more than 1000 employees of the Penal System, the state and municipal employees of the Ryazan region improve their professional skill.

Educational process at the academy is provided by 8 structural divisions (faculties), 24 chairs and more than 350 teachers.

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